International congress on Computer Science:
Information Systems and Technologies

About us

Congress Organizers

Belarusian State University
The United Institute of Informatics Problems of NAS of Belarus

Congress Chairman

Sergey V. Ablameyko – Academician of NAS of Belarus, Doctor of Technical Sciences


Dmitry G. Medvedev – First Vice-Rector of BSU, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Alexander V. Tuzikov – Head of Mathematical Cybernetics Department of UIIP NAS Belarus, Corresponding Member of NAS of Belarus, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Yuriy S. Kharin – Director of Research Institute for Applied Problems of Mathematics and Informatics of BSU, Academician of NAS of Belarus, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences

Congress Topics and Sections

  1. Information and computer security
  2. Bioinformatics and its applications
  3. Machine learning, computer vision and graphics
  4. Intelligent and statistical data analysis, decision making
  5. Theoretical computer science and software engineering
  6. Geoinformatics and the Earth remote sensing
  7. System optimization and reliability
  8. Parallel and distributed data processing
  9. Education informatization

General information

Official languages: Belarusian, Russian, English.

No participation fees are charged.

Congress will go in mixed format (both online and live participations). Absentee participation is allowed (with papers publication only).

Registration on the Congress website is available due to 1 September 2022.